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Nick Katzman was a teenager at a time when when many of the surviving country blues guitarists travelled north to play their music in clubs and at the folk-festivals. During these years he was able to hear, see, meet and take lessons with many of the great "old masters" of the pre-war blues generation.
Now, almost 40 years later, Katzman plays a blend of the music of his most important influences (e.g. Rev. Gary Davis, Robert Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt) and his own tunes.
  His original compositions are true to style, but at the same time personal and often unusual. As with many of the older generation blues men, his repetoire mixes low-down delta blues, folk-blues tunes, "hokum" ragtime numbers and virtuoso instrumentals as well... sometimes even a touch of gospel... all in the styles of the great 20's and 30's guitarists. On stage, Nick gets the most mileage possible out of his voice, fingers and feet to bring his audience GOOD BLUES!
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