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Acoustic Solo Reviews

Reviews of LP "Mississippi River Bottom Blues"
(Kicking Mule #111):

"A fine guitarist, killer instrumentals - an authentic country blues LP that should, if properly exposed, get some serious progressive air play."
- Cashbox

"Katzman's slide work is curt, bold and driving."
- Guitar Player

"Katzman's work is effusive and technically beyond reproach - highly recommended"
- Kite (Upstate N.Y.)

"Remans true to form while diplaying a stunning virtuosity - a joy to hear."
-Rob Patterson, Soho Weekly News

"True to the genre and right on target"
- Gloucester Times

"Nick Katzman is one hell of a fine guitarist. He's got the blues sound down pat, plus a lot of his own variations."
- Ann Arbor News

"The original blues-revival guitarists are being superceded by a new generation and Nick Katzman is one of the best of these. All material (on this LP) is executed with a taste and empathy seldom heard in this idiom. The best blues offering yet on Kicking Mule, possibly the best artist in this style among the current generation of players."
- Record Roundup

Reviews of "Sparkling Ragtime and Hardbitten Blues" (Kicking Mule #167) :

"Katzman gives no quarter to his peers as a dazzling technician, but his originals retain all the grittiness of the delta and southeastern bluesmen he emulates. His intricate approach to fingerpicking produces a sound that would do credit to two musicians."
- Roy Greenberg, The Aquarian

"Katzman plays outstanding guitar on all cuts, he has come to a clear individual voice thru the tradition, an extremely difficult task and one which, to my mind, puts him along side Ry Cooder, John Hammond and a handful of others who have managed to pull it off."
- James Sallis, Texas Jazz

"A real winner. Nick Katzman, who studied under Rev. Gary Davis, clearly knows the country blues inside out; though he wrote the words and music for 11 of the 13 selections here, every tune captures the the heart and soul of the delta blues to sound like a traditional classic from Way Back When. Katzman's slide guitar is an additional delight, but the biggest plus is vocalist extraordinaire Ruby Green, whose rich, informal, throaty delivery exudes personality and class. Highly recommended."
- Jeff Burger, Garden State Nite Life

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Electric Blues Reviews

Reviews of "Songs and Bloozes"
(Stumble CD ST 12/ ET 20):

"An unusual collection of personal blues that surprise the listener with original licks and sounds. His guitar sound is razor sharp and his style reminiscent of the great Texas guitarists Albert Collins or Jimmy Vaughn but he is absolutely his own man. The sound of the recording is unique and original and reminds the listener of the early 60's without being "retro" - a great album."
- Detlev Hoegen / Crosscut Records

"An American in Berlin: Nick Katzman tried his luck opening a tex-mex restaurant but quickly discovered that his guitar licks went over better than his enchiladas - which is understandable, and that's no reflection on his cooking. The eleven self-written songs on "Songs and Bloozes" reveal the Paris-born guitarist with with a high but convincing voice as a masterful stylist following in the footsteps of Jimmy Vaughn who doesn't stop at the Texas border. Swinging horn and vocal arrangements."
- J. Feyer / Rolling Stone

Comments on live performance with band:

"First class..." - Jazz Podium

"Outstanding..." - Siegener Zeitung

"Excellent..." - Blues Forum

"Excellent... " - Badische Zeitung

"Tasteful solos, rich in ideas..." - Westfälische Rundschau

"High voltage..." - Volksblatt Berlin

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